Making money by conducting a concert cannot be possible without the right promotion. It is almost impossible to expect a crowd to turn up at a gig without giving it maximum exposure. Whether you work for a church, venue, speaker, band, an event organiser or a

 Performer, there are a few things you must consider doing to promote the concert. The most significant expense is the venue. However, if you own a site or get one at an unbeatable price, you’re pockets just got heavier. You can get a better turnout for your concert events and ensure each event is a success. Here are some fantastic promotion ideas to start you off. 

Planned Scheduling

The first issue to address is scheduling. It is required as all the efforts of promotion rely on planning. Competing events on the same date in your area may negatively affect your show. For example, if you book a rock band, but fail to schedule on a different night than a popular band nearby, chances are your show will be a washout. The bigger the act, the higher the turnout. Advance the planned, scheduled date especially if big names are in town to make sure the success of your music concert is intact.

Press Releases

Send out press releases in advance to local media about the music concert date, and include free publications. Cities have their own monthly magazines, free weekly newspapers, and websites that people read as entertainment news. The locals keep looking for events in the area, therefore, be sure to include details about your music concert on every possible site. Besides, local papers, event calendars, websites, and magazines, also publish stories and interviews about local shows. Appeal to the reader by providing your contact details and your concert name in the article.

Venue Website

Ensure your venue website looks professional. This helps in building trust with visitors. The visuals and design should be of high quality, easy to navigate so that the visitors can get the information they require quickly. Include descriptions about performers, links to the performer’s websites, YouTube channels and Facebook Pages to help visitors find more info about the performing artists. Do it right, and you will definitely see an increase in the sales of the tickets.

Social Media Marketing

Use Facebook and Twitter, social media platforms to promote concerts held at your venue. Remind your social media followers about the music concert’s upcoming performances.

 Some people may buy your concert tickets in advance, but others may consider waiting up to the last minute. Continually updating your social media page about the availability of tickets and other sources for tickets, can ensure that everyone can get a piece of the pie. 

Do The Legwork

Agreed, it is not fun to promote, but it will surely help. Paste posters in town and public places. You can also send advertisements in the mail for people to paste it for you too. Of course, do not believe it to happen promptly and make sure you follow up regularly. If you wish to promote, you need to do a lot of hard work and make the promotion worthwhile.  Make phone calls, see local journalists, critics and bloggers and request them to write about the music concert and the bands. Extend free invitations to them as a courtesy for their services.