Part two of our blog on the different types of entertainment agents takes us into the word of sport, books and broadcasting. All have dedicated agents and agencies have to handle the varied skills and demands that are needed in very different industries. Already we have looked at how music agents and theatrical agents among others differ, and how their responsibilities dovetail to their individual client’s requirements.

Sports Agents

A sports agent can be a highly lucrative profession if you consider what top sportsmen and sportswomen are paid around the world. They are a key element to negotiations between sports figures such as footballers, athletes, rugby stars, baseball players, cricketers etc. and between their clubs and associations. The sports agent is quite unique as he will have direct interface with team owners, managers, and international agencies on behalf of their client. They look after all their client’s contracts, publicity, finances and personal matters.

They also have a duty of care for their clients as many of the young athletes are now recruited as young as twelve before they can turn professional at eighteen. Quite often sports agents have a background in contract law and will know all about business and personal management. They must also be adept at negotiation skills and are good at multitasking.

Literary Agents

A literary agent is sometimes confused with a publisher, they are two completely different roles but often interface with each other. A literary agent looks after writers and their work and helps to promote it to publishers, film producers, theatrical producers and facilitates the sales or rights of the written work. This could include screenwriters, novelists, biographers, children’s authors and non-fiction writers. The agent will also promote their clients at book signings and make sure all contracts are proper between their client and the publishers and producers.

Broadcasting Journalist Agents

This type of agent works in a niche role and specializes in broadcasting journalists, they must be experienced in this field and have many contacts. The popularity of the once ordinary and humble newsreader has reached almost celebrity limits. They now are professional journalists that prefer the broadcasting medium either on television or online. They can be broadcasting the news or reporters, weathermen, anchors, correspondents, sportscaster or hosts.

Obviously, this type of agent has to look after the personal affairs of their clients and represent them with the large television networks. This could be financially with contracts or the type of role they are being utilized for. As broadcasters are now household names and familiar figures in the public domain, they also need some character representation, how they speak, dress and handle themselves in department. Also, as public figures delivering news worthy events they are tended to be thought of as serious people, therefore what they do in their private lives has to also be managed by the agent, so it is never a nine to five job.

Being any one of these agents takes dedication, it is not the sort of job you can simply close the office door at 5pm and go home. The one thing that all these agents have in common is that they are representing another person, their client, and looking after their welfare. This means they are at the beck and call whatever time it is for assistance.