Responsibilities of A Music Promoter - A Career Guide

Responsibilities of A Music Promoter – A Career Guide

A music promoter’s most crucial role is to make sure a concert gets people’s attention. They are the ones who are tasked with setting up the shows. They will be working with the bands directly or with their agents. They also talk to concert venues and clubs for when they are looking to find a place for an event to happen.

The music promoter is the person who is supposed to keep track of how popular the show is, and they have to make sure more people know about it. They are responsible for booking the hotels for the bands and other incidentals. The job of a music promoter is one that requires them to keep things going smoothly. A music promoter doesn’t deal with public relations as their primary duty, and they don’t talk on the radio to promote the show.

What Are the Responsibilities of The Music Promoters?

When the music promoter isn’t bound to a single venue only, then they must do the following:

  • Talk to the bands and find out what dates they’re available so that the music promoter can arrange the shows according to their schedule
  • Make a deal with the band or their agent in regards to the fee the music promoter has to pay them, and whether or not the music promoter will be providing a place for the band to rest and sleep.
  • Keep a venue reserved for the date that was planned
  • Share the concert with the radio, local news, and social media networks so that the music promoter will have more people talking and hearing about the show.
  • Check the venue on the day of the concert to see if everything that the band will need is ready, like the band’s resting area.
  • Schedule a time to do a sound test and set up the order of the bands that will be playing in the concert.
  • Make sure a supporting band is prepared to play whenever you need them.

Why A Contract Is Needed for A Music Promoter

If a music promoter is going to be handling a large amount of money, then they need to have a contract. Even if the music promoter thinks they don’t need one, they’re in danger since many things could go wrong and then you wouldn’t be able to determine whose responsibility it was.

What to Do to Be A Music Promoter

To become a music promoter, either you can find venues or promoters in your locality then try to offer your help, or you can start on your own and try to build your music promoter career from scratch. When you’re trying to develop your career from scratch, you have to begin with a small band. Find a band from your area and ask the band if you’re allowed to go and get a show set up for the band. You’d have to get the venue booked, inform the local press about the event, and spreading the word about the event. If the band thinks of you as a good promoter, your reputation as a music promoter will rise, and you’ll eventually get more popular bands asking for your promoting skills.