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How Streaming Music Has Affected The Music Industry

Since the ongoing development of technology, it’s no secret that how music is consumed has changed. Times are forever changing. Thanks to technology, the days of consumers buying complete, physical albums just to listen to one or two songs are long gone. Nowadays, music lovers would much rather stream their […]

What is Copyright Protection in the Music Industry – Part 4

Our final and concluding part of what is copyright protection pertaining to music looks at artists representation and everything that this includes. There are actually four different kinds of representation an artist may choose to employ. Which are, Personal Managers, Agents, Business Managers and Lawyers. Personal Managers A personal manager […]

The Different Types of Entertainment Agents – Part 2

Part two of our blog on the different types of entertainment agents takes us into the word of sport, books and broadcasting. All have dedicated agents and agencies have to handle the varied skills and demands that are needed in very different industries. Already we have looked at how music […]

The Different Types of Entertainment Agents – Part 1

Booking or talent agents handle all manner of entertainers and there are many different entertainment agents specializing in certain fields. Agents can handle just about any form of entertainment including, film directors, models, actors, athletes, writers, journalists, musicians, comedians etc. An agent is responsible for all the matters concerning their […]

How do you Become a Music Promoter?

There are many logical steps along the long road of becoming one, and this blog points out a few of the most important ones you must take. It is not enough just to love music to be a good promoter, there are a myriad of other skills than you must […]