How A Street Team Can Help The Promotion and Marketing of Your Band

How A Street Team Can Help The Promotion and Marketing of Your Band

It’s not easy to start your music career, as talent and skills cannot guarantee your success. Notably, at the start, you’ve to put in a lot of effort to get work and enough money to keep going.  To come up with great music to compete with other bands is challenging enough, but one thing that all the new musicians dread of is the business side of the industry. You already have enough work to do that even thinking about promotion and marketing side can give you nightmares. It’s fine to do this kind of work once in a while if you don’t have any other options, but it’s tough to keep promoting your band manually regularly. You need someone else to do it for you, and that’s what street teams do.

What is a Street Team

A street team consists of the fans that love your work, and are willing to help you to the level of going to the ground zero and telling people about your events. Street teams are just a music industry thing, but they’re there in most other fields. In the music industry, a street team mostly get in the streets and put up the event’s posters and make people aware of your work. In other fields, you’ve to pay the street teams for their work. But, in the music field, you don’t always have to pay them, especially when you aren’t making much money yourself.

Die-hard Fans

It might sound a bit odd that you can find people who’ll work for you, and you don’t need to pay them. The music industry is like that; you can connect with people so much that they start believing in you and want to help you reach your goals for no favours. You can pay them well once you start doing well, and keep them with you on your highs, as they were with you on your lows. That’s what every street team wants.

Responsibilities of a Street Team

Other than making people aware of your work and putting up your event’s posters, street teams also do various other stuff. They can also hand out flyers and stickers to the people, and request radio stations to play your music, which helps you to get to more and more people. In today’s social media generation, social media promotion is one of the essential parts of advertising. So, these street teams share and trend your band’s hashtag and tell people about your shows through messages on social media and emails.

How to create your Street Team

The most basic question that comes to mind when we think about having a street team is, how to start. The answer is merely asking the fans if they’re interested or not. You can ask them at your concerts, or other socialising places. In today’s world, you can ask on social media, which is one of the easiest ways to interact with your fans. From those who are willing to do, you can choose based on who seems more committed and has more free time on his hands. Don’t think that people won’t be willing to join you for no money. People are interested in the glamorous world of music and want to check it out up close and personal. You can offer them free tickets and free merchandise as incentives. Also, assure them that even if you become big, they’ll remain part of your team.