When following a career in live music, it is vital to be able to book the best artists for the shows that you promote. To artists around the world don’t work all by themselves to promote their work. They work with booking agents who handle their promotions and get them the gigs for their next tour and shows. There is a need to have a great relationship with the booking agent if you are a music promoter to secure a contract or agreement with the artists that they represent.

As a promoter, the first thing that you would possibly look for is a good deal. The best deal would be when you can get a hot and happening artist to perform at a show you are promoting at a high price. This is only possible if you can strike the right deal with the booking agent when you work with them. Here are three ways you can ensure that the relationship with the agent is built on trust.

  1. Think Further

There is more to show business that what you have in hand at the moment. Therefore, always remember that you have to consider the different shows you will be working with the agent on for the years to come. Negotiating should be done with that in mind. Therefore, don’t be pushy about getting a good deal on the show you are currently working on.

Deals are great, but desperation is not the key to building trust in an agent who you would want to work with. Remember that the agent might sign up with someone else in the future that you would really want at some point. Therefore, keep that in mind and nurture and build a relationship for the long term.

  1. Be Clear at The Start and Always Be Ready to Say No

When negotiating on a deal, you can come to a compromise at some point, however, at times compromising might eat into your own pocket heavily and cause your show to run on a loss. Therefore, make sure that you say no if you can’t work at a particular price. However, if you can forecast that the artist will be able to draw a good number of fans to ensure the price, you might be willing to negotiate.

The best thing to approach the agent with is a clear and upfront picture about your budget and what you have in hand. This will straight away tell the agent if the show is something that they can work with or no. Also, remember to emphasize the budget is event specific and not something that is your norm. Also, you can ask the agent if there are other talents that he has that will suit your budget and win from the situation too.

  1. Deliver Your Promise

Reputation is all that matters in the live show business. You need to make sure that your status is in ship shape no matter what. Therefore, always deliver on what you promise to provide. The artists who you work with from the agent should always be treated with respect and given all that is signed up for. This will only reflect on you when the artist wants to continue working with your team and puts in a word with your agent.