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How to Use Word of Mouth to Effectively Promote A Band

With the inception of social media and the internet, almost everything, including the way of promotions have changed. But one type of advertising that is still effective is the word to mouth promotion. Amid increasing digital advancements, word to mouth has been able to retain its place as the most […]

The Penny Behind Music Concert Promotion

Making money by conducting a concert cannot be possible without the right promotion. It is almost impossible to expect a crowd to turn up at a gig without giving it maximum exposure. Whether you work for a church, venue, speaker, band, an event organiser or a  Performer, there are a […]

The Influence of Information Technology in Music

With the birth of the 20th century, Information Technology slowly and steadily took over the world and brought nations closer. Over time, the scaling nature of IT has helped with several other industries in managing handling information that is stored across devices. In the financial industry, security of people’s information […]

Understanding the Music Industry – Part 4

The fourth and concluding part of our blog of untangling the music industry carries on with the role of the agent and the reimbursement he can expect. In the earlier part of the blog, we looked at the importance of an artist building a framework of professionals behind him. And […]

Understanding the Music Industry – Part 3

In part two of Understanding the music industry, we looked at the role of the artist manager, the types of manager there is and the difference between an artist’s manager and a business manager. In this blog we focus on what an agent does for an artist and why he […]

Understanding the Music Industry – Part 2

Our second part of the blog is here to guide artists through the minefield of the music industry, its players and their roles, and this time we focus on a music manager. The Artist’s Manager The manager of an artist is usually the first component to the team that will […]

Understanding the Music Industry – Part 1

If you are a budding artist and setting out into the music industry, you are probably doing so because you are highly talented at creating music, but the business is entirely different matter. Understanding the business side of things can be absolutely daunting, phrases such as business managers, agents, personal […]